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Knowledge on label printing

Printing labels has caused great advantage in mailing letters, packaging products, providing name tags to every item so that it can immediately be distinguish among others and easy to pull when needed. Samples of the materials that commonly use labels are pile of office documents, gift tags, CD or DVD cassette tapes, binders, video boxes, diskettes and the likes. Having printed labels push on the presentment of your packages or products as they are received by the recipient.

Printing labels is now easy because there are many printing presses that features quality label printing. Getting a hold of printing provider that is equipped with high-end label printingpressmachinery is made much possible through numerous printing services online. Labels can be printed into four different ways like letterpress, offset, screen printing and gravure. The following types of label printing process have its own strengths and weakness. For label printingpressthat is coupled with high performance printmedium and employs well-skilled professionals, they are able to deliver quality printingservice for your labels.

With regard to labels that are processed through letterpress printing, the ink is applied to a raise surface and then transferred directly to the material. In this kind of printing process, label printing press has the ability to print on imperfect surfaces using soft plates. They are wrapped around the cylinders of varying sizes, to induce infinite control over label repeat length. Usually rubber imprints and potato prints are the examples of this printing processed.

For those that undergone offset printing, a flat platen is required in order to haul the ink in images areas and repels to non-image areas. The ink is transferred to an offset blanket and then to the material. The result is an excellent reproduction of processed color dots. The plate cylinders are pricey and fixed in length off-putting its use for roll fed label printing.

However, for label printing press that employs screen printing, the ink is pushed through the screen mesh. In this method, some cells are open while others are closed forming the image area. This printing process causes for inks with conductive silver pigments. While for gravure printing, the images are formed by series of cells and transferred to the material. Exceptional ink lay down and precise monitor over processed dots heave gravure the ultimate in rich, fine line process printing. Hence, the cost of the cylinder set the process unusable for label and general purpose printing.

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